Mythic Gods & Monsters


A guidebook for game masters on how to create mythic gods and mythic monsters that meddle in the lives of the player characters.

This book makes filling out a pantheon with unique and interesting gods fast and easy.

It then arms GMs with the tool to make mythic monsters to challenge PCs with.

Why Mythic Gods?

The main reason we created this book was all the stories we've read over the years where gods leave indelible marks on the story, the heroes, and the world. Dark cults serving nameless horrors must be stopped by brave heroes. Epic quests spawned by divine machinations put heroes into strange lands battling bizarre monsters. Godly ambition drives characters into places not meant for mortals.

But the problem is gods are given short shrift at the game table. Clerics and other player characters draw powers from these beings and wield it in their names, yet what thanks do the gods get for this? Those players who bother to write the name of a deity on their character sheet soon forget about it along with the 10 foot pole in their backpack. Neglected and ignored, gods underperform for your campaign, making your job as GM tougher.

The gods should be active plot agents for you! They should inspire factions and villains to threaten the PCs. They should provide you (un)holy places and dungeons for the party explore. And gods should give you a wonderful platform to drive stories from, and inspire and enhance your plots with.

However, we feel this is should not be done with simplistic confrontations with gods where they beat the PCs over the head with quests and plot hooks. Nothing breaks immersion more than NPCs with obvious golden exclamation marks over their heads. Instead, aim for subtle. Render the gods' influence through mortal religions, followers seeking divine favour, and monsters transformed by immortal threads.

This book will show you how to do this. We give you a system that starts at the top - god creation - and guides you through the layers of pantheon creation, religion creation, and divine-touched monster design so you have everything you need to meddle in the character's lives with the subtlety of Shakespeare. No longer will your gods be taken for granted and be just spell sieves for spoiled PCs. It's time for your gods to take part in your milieu and be active agents within it, to make your job of plotting and creating cool foes and encounters much easier. It's time to wield the Mythic God Generator!

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Become a Divine Game Master

This book arms you for your GMing life. Whether you need a god for a random encounter, a pantheon on the fly, or an in-depth religion for your world, I believe has everything you need to be a Divine Game Master. :)

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Mythic Gods & Monsters