GM Mastery: Holiday Essentials


From the ENnie award winning writer of NPC Essentials comes a new GM Mastery guide for deep setting-based adventures!

Designing new adventures and encounters each session is tough. It gets to feel like a treadmill. How can you get inspired to create something new your players have not seen a thousand times before?

Enter Holiday Essentials, a toolkit you will use to create intriguing and original material for your games.

This eBook helps you plan, prepare, and GM better adventures through the lens of world design. While you can use the information inside to craft interesting events, you will also find out how to use the fun world element of holiday design as the launch point and structure for great adventures, and encounters.

This book puts a focus on telling great stories. Once you've designed something, you can easily wrap a great story around it at the game table to get your players leaning forward and wanting experience it. Holiday Essentials show you how.

What's Inside Holiday Essentials?

Chapter 1: How To Design Compelling Holidays

Step-by-step instructions for building fully realized holidays, celebrations and dark events. (For any setting and any genre.)

Learn how to pick the right level of detail so you don't waste time over-planning and don't get caught under-planning.

Chapter 2: Holiday Design Elements

This is your design toolset. It goes into full detail about how and what to design for each of the steps needed to pull off a great story based on or triggered by a world event.

You also see numerous examples in action.

Chapter 3: GM & Campaign Advice

Tips and more tools! Advanced advice for game masters who take their settings seriously.

Works With Any Game

GM Mastery: Holiday Essentials uses fantasy examples and art. However, it's rules-free and immediately usable for any game system, genre or setting.

This is a GM toolkit you can use now and in the future, regardless of where your roleplaying takes you.

Buy Holiday Essentials now to start building great adventures today.

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GM Mastery: Holiday Essentials